Off-site massage appointments and last-minute massages need to be scheduled via phone.  Call 515-270-0030. 

Massage therapy not only helps you feel great, it has been shown to improve your health. Welcome to Serenity Massage. We want to meet you and help you take essential steps along your health journey.
The approach to massage therapy by Jill Ellsworth, LMT, BS, and owner, is unique, tailored to your individual needs and soundly based in professional best practices.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Soothe an injury.
  • Celebrate an event.

These are the basics of massage therapy applied to YOUR life or the lives of those important to you.
Make an appointment.  Purchase a gift certificate.  You will be glad you did.

Improved Health!
Experience a new level of health through regular massage therapy. We offer a VIP Wellness Program (receive at least 13 1-hour sessions per year). Ask Jill for details! 515-270-0030 or serenitymassage@q.com

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A Word From Jill

 Jill will be on ISU campus at Parks Library Rm 140 Wednesday 4/17 doing free chair massages from 10-2 as part of Wellness Wednesdays. If you or someone you know would like to relax and rejuvenate and attends ISU, please spread the word. April is National Stress Awareness month, and this is crunch time for college students…sometimes they can feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Massage therapy has been known to help to relieve stress.
Did you know that next week – April 22-26th – is Administrative Professional’s Week?  Appreciate the one who makes your work life easier.  Massage gift certificates are just a phone call or a few clicks away…click Buy Gift Certificate Now above and let us take the stress out of gift-giving!
Some people stay at the top of others’ minds by contacting them only when they need something.
Some people attract others by letting their inner beauty and kindness shine, kind of like a positive people magnet.
Be a positive people magnet! -Jill
We will be at Dallas Center-Grimes High School doing chair massages for After Prom party attendees tonight April 6th from11pm-2am. If you have a teen attending, please spread the word! We will be in the new training room. Relaxing and rejuvenating the next generation.
Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month?  Call 515-270-0030 for ideas on bringing meditation and massage therapy to your workplace. One can never have too many tools in their toolbox! -Jill
Self-care is so important.  One can’t pour from an empty cup!  -Jill
Let us bring the relaxation to you.  We are mobile, with chair massages in workplaces being very popular these days.  Call Jill at 515-270-0030 for a quote!
Only in Iowa can it be 70 degrees one day, and 30’s the next  and 60’s the next 🙂 To schedule a massage and bring some calm in the midst of chaos click Book an Appointment above or call 515-270-0030. -Jill
There are a lot of things beyond my control, but I can control my attitude.
When requesting a couples massage, please include the other person’s name in the notes.  Thank you! -Jill
Massage – it’s like a cleanse for your mind, body and spirit! -Jill
Doing an online search for chair massage near me?  Know that Serenity Massage is located in Iowa.  Many times you get an out-of-state company who is very good at marketing when doing online searches for chair massages near me.  Thank you for shopping local! -Jill
Typing massage near me might get you a massage now at other places, but make sure you ask questions when scheduling your appointment. For example, some places will say they offer couples massage but the massages aren’t in the same room.  At Serenity Massage they are.
We are repeatedly what we do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.  -Aristotle
When purchasing a gift card, please give us a heads up that you’re coming in as we don’t interrupt sessions for walk-ins. Of course, gift cards are available 24/7 by clicking Buy Gift Certificate Now above. Thank you! -Jill
Did you know that massage therapy can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?  Get a massage on our heated tables and let the winter blues melt away.
When Iowa weather is unpredictable, know you can count on warm cozy massage tables at Serenity Massage.  Double the relaxation with a couples massage!  -Jill
Take a vacation by the hour on our heated massage tables.  It’s like being a snowbird, at least for the time being, and that’s really all we have.  Savor the moment.  -Jill
Couples massage packages in February are super popular!  Call soon to book yours, the good times go fast. It’s a great way to relax with your sweetie in a romantic setting.  See flyer above for details. -Jill
Did you know that if a doctor recommends you receive massage therapy that you can use Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Savings Account (FSA) dollars for your massage?   Massage therapy has been known to help with stress, anxiety and depression. Practice preventative/restorative health care and ask your doctor about massage.
CONGRATULATIONS to Carmelita L. as she was the winner of the drawing at Serenity Massage for 2 hours of house cleaning! THANKS also to client Anna H. who helped me do the drawing (including videoing  -Jill
A smart person learns from his/her mistakes.  A wise person learns from the mistakes of others.
Sleep in heavenly peace…that’s what a massage feels like!
Want to feel good?  Research shows giving a gift to others makes you feel good (source: The Science of Well-being by professor Laurie Santos). Books are great gifts!  So are massage therapy gift certificates, just a few clicks away – click Buy Gift Certificate Now above – and you can receive a FREE gift (read in red above) by doing so before Christmas!   -Jill
Wellness encompasses doing healthy things for Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.  Did you know that barre classes are offered on Monday and Thursday nights at 5:45pm in the suite Serenity Massage is part of? Barre is kind of like ballet and kind of like pilates.  To learn more or register for a class, contact barre instructor Noelle at sutrapro.com/movewithjoy 
With the holidays coming up, couples and even triples massage (mother and 2 daughters for example) requests are very popular lately! Please give as much notice as possible when requesting a couples massage as coordinating 4 schedules is easier said than done!
Experience rest and relaxation and rejuvenation – your massage experience is just a few clicks or phone call away!
Did you know that massage therapy has some of the same health benefits as a good night’s sleep?  Massage therapy not only feels great but is great for one’s health! -Jill
Gratitude is a component of well-being; start each day with an attitude of gratitude!
Relax your cares away on our heated massage tables.  -Jill
Work hard, play hard!
Count your blessings!  -Jill
Offsite chair massages are a great way to add pizzazz to your conference or lift up staff morale.  
Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.
Today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.
Savor the moment.
Whatever you put out there comes back to you. -Joe Maddon, via an unknown woman he sat next to on an airplane.
A 24-hour notice is appreciated if you need to cancel an appointment.  Thank you! -Jill
Serenity Massage is looking for natural health practitioners who are looking for space and want to collaborate!  If you or someone you know are looking to be part of a supportive, fun, healthy environment, contact Jill at 515-270-0030 or serenitymassage2957@gmail.com for more information.
I alone cannot change the world. But I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. -Mother Theresa
Spelling doesn’t have to be your best subject…type message near me (or massage near me if you want to be grammatically correct) and click your way to your next massage appointment!
The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. -Michelangelo
Do you or someone you know have a wedding anniversary coming up?  A couples massage is a perfect way to celebrate!  Call today to schedule, the more notice the better as coordinating 4 schedules is easier said than done.
Take one small step to make things better today.
To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world. -Dr. Seuss
Health challenge:  play a BEAMS game with yourself this week.  Do something good for your Body Emotion Abundance Mind and Spirit. Write down what you did. Share it with someone.  Celebrate success! -Jill