Wellness Massage Program



Relax, breathe deeply, and savor the moment!

Serenity Massage proudly supports the Youth Emergency Shelter Services (YESS) Duck Derby!  Purchase 2 or more one-hour sessions – gift certificates count! – and get a duck named after you on the Serenity Massage team.  The Duck Derby is May 2nd.  For more details, keep checking here or go to https://www.duckrace.com/desmoines  Mother’s Day gift certificates are a great opportunity to get massage gifts AND get in on the duck fun by helping a great cause!

Come enjoy a massage on our heated massage tables. Whether it’s a romantic couples massage, a gift for a special someone, or health care for yourself, we hope you make massage therapy part of your life.

Corporate chair massages are a great way to bring wellness to your workplace.  Morale goes through the roof, and stress floats away like a stick floating in a spring stream!  These are ideal for special events like Administrative Professionals Week which is April 20-24th.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site!  -Jill Ellsworth, Owner

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