Table Massage


Full body table massage is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate. Jill specializes in Swedish relaxation massage, which is long flowing strokes, to provide stress relief. Table massage sessions vary in length from thirty minutes to two hours, with a typical session being one hour. A foot scrub can be added on to any session for $10 more.  Regardless of the length of the session, this is your time and conversation is kept at a minimum. If talking relaxes you you’re more than welcome to chat during your session, but Jill tries not to initiate chatting. You get fully undressed or you can leave your underwear on and get under a sheet and blanket on a massage table. You undress in the privacy of the massage room, and then Jill or one of the other Licensed Massage Therapists comes in the massage room when you’re ready. You are covered under the sheet except for the part of the body being worked on. Cushions and pillows are available for your maximum comfort. Two-hour session: $130. Ninety-minute session: $95. One-hour session: $65.  Thirty-minute session: $40. Couples massage – two one-hour sessions:  $130.  Gift certificates are available in any denomination.