Table Massage


Full body table massage moves you into deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Heated table massage is available. Jill specializes in Swedish relaxation massage methods to maximize stress relief through long flowing strokes. Massage sessions vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes to fit your preferences. Conversation is up to you – total quiet for reflection, relaxing music or conversation that you initiate. Body covering is also up to you, with the most benefit received if clothing is kept to undergarments. Modesty is provided with sheets and blankets, with exposure of parts of the body only as they are worked on. Pillows and cushions add comfort.

We specialize in couples massages.  With ample notice, we can select the massage therapist according to your preference in pressure, making the experience far better than if you just searched couples massage near me.  You get two qualified Licensed Massage Therapists, and the tables are set up side-by-side in the same room.

90-minute session, $120; 1-hour session, $80; 45-minute session, $67.50; 30-minute session, $55. Double each of these prices for a couples massage.  A peppermint-scented or eucalyptus-spearmint foot scrub, complete with stretching and hot towels, can be added to any session for $5 more.