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Travelling to or through Des Moines?  Make sure to take stretch breaks in your trip, or better yet – get a massage.  We are above average in getting short notice massages to happen.  Give us a call – and leave a message if you get voicemail as we don’t interrupt sessions to answer the phone – with as much notice as possible with a time range that works for you.

May Newsletter 2017

“People will forget what you said and forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. “ – Maya Angelou


Strengths Based Leadership (a book one level up from StrengthsFinder 2.0) defines “connectedness” as one strength in what it terms the “relationship leadership” style.  (For more information, please see   Mother’s Day is May 14, and it seems a very appropriate time to underscore the idea of connectedness.  We each began our lives in a mother’s womb. For many of us, she is a person with whom we’ve connected for a very long time. Over the years, moms may have saved our bacon in many ways – bringing forgotten homework to school or just giving a hug at the right time.  Some of us have claimed another person to be that “mom.” My mom has been my biggest cheerleader over the years and even though I’m in my 40s, I will never stop being her daughter.  She still buys gifts that say “Jill” on them, and to this day I wear the butterfly necklace that she gave me after one of her vacations.  Moms often help shape who we are and instill lasting values in us.  If you’d like to treat your mom this Mother’s Day, Serenity Massage can help.  We’ve been doing a lot of mother/daughter massages lately, and they are a great way to stay connected!  We set up massage tables side-by-side. Some clients find it a good opportunity to chat. Others just relax into the soft music and heated massage tables.  Gift certificates are also a lovely, flexible way to give Mom the gift of health.  They are conveniently available for purchase on our website  Help Mom feel great!

Mother’s Day Special

Studies show that regular massage therapy relieves stress, and Serenity Massage wants to make it easy for you to help Mom with this. Purchase 6 hours of massage therapy at regular price ($65/hr), and receive a $50 merchandise certificate to Christopher’s Fine Jewelry.  This offer is only available by phone or in person. Call Jill today at 270-0030 to purchase your gift certificate package!

This would make a nice gift for anyone  . . . even yourself.

YESS Duck Derby May 6

Each month Serenity Massage likes to showcase an organization that helps others.  Human trafficking is a huge problem, particularly in the Des Moines area where I-80 and I-35 highways intersect.  Youth Emergency Shelter Services (YESS) helps at-risk youth and also helps victims of human trafficking.  Serenity Massage is sponsoring a “flock” of 25 ducks for the YESS Duck Derby. This great fundraiser takes place at Jordan Creek Town Center at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 6.  The fun starts at noon. If you purchase 2 hours of massage therapy between now and then, we will name a duck in our flock after you!  VIP Wellness Clients automatically will have a duck named after them.  The race winner receives $10,000!  There are several good prizes for the top 10 ducks as well.  You might be a double winner: once with a prize and always by helping to raise money for YESS.  It’s a great family event!  More information can be found at

VIP Wellness Clients

You can save $$ with our VIP Wellness Plan. Enjoy a 1-hour massage at least once every 4 weeks and schedule your next massage at the end of each session.  You will pay regular price ($65) for your first massage, and $60/hour for each follow-up massage.  (That’s $5 off a session as long as you return within 4 weeks). 

You also will earn special perks throughout the year, like unlimited half-price massages in August, a client appreciation party and more!

Client Success Story of the Month

Spring is here!  It is one of my favorite times of year as it represents a time of new beginnings.  My tulips are popping up, the garden has been planted, and God’s gifts are visible everywhere.  Along with this comes increased activity. People sometimes develop body aches. Stretching before and after activity can decrease chances of discomfort.  But muscle cramps can still occur, and massage therapy can come to the rescue!  Increasing the frequency of your massages may help keep your muscles loose and increase flexibility.  The mind, body, spirit and emotions are connected.  Sometimes visualizing all kinds of space in your body can help create more space.

Recently, a client, David – a golf coach who was doing a lot more walking than usual – experienced benefits of massage therapy. His muscle cramps faded.  He also is a true champion of positivity, which I know aided in his healing. He shared with me a drill he uses with his players. He places two golf tees a putter’s width apart on a green.  The players then try to hit a ball between the tees to place it into the hole.  When they are in a meet and putting, they visualize the ball going right through two tees and into the hole.  He says their putting improves immensely!  Whether it is golf or your body, visualizing things going right can dramatically increase chances of improvement.